Daesh suspect girl Noreen Leghari gets together with family


Bureau Report
HYDERABAD: Noreen Leghari, second year medical student of Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Jamshoro, who was reported to have joined Daesh and got training in Syria gets together with her family in Hyderabad.

She was arrested by security agencies from a housing society of Lahore on 15 April 2017 during an encounter with terrorists. She had gone missing from Hyderabad on Feb 10 last. Police, security and intelligence agencies had conducted a joint combing operation in Lahore’s Factory Area near Punjab Housing Society, wherein they were fired upon by terrorists. The ensuing exchange of fire had killed a terrorist, while a woman along with two other terror suspects was arrested. Another terrorist who was killed during the encounter was identified as Ali Tariq, a resident of Baidian Road, Lahore.
Slain terrorist Ali Tariq had rented a house in Punjab society, sources said, adding that Tariq had married Noreen two-and-a-half months ago, and the two had met through social media.
She was set free for her reunion with his family in Hyderabad. In her first interview she said she was persuaded and brainwashed by Daesh to join them. She thanked Pakistan army for recovering her from an housing society in Lahore two days before planned blast at Lahore Church on Easter. She said terrorists incited her for use in terror attacks by brainwashing her through social media and thanked Pak army to save her. She said terrorists were targeting youth to join them. She said after persuasion they asked her to come to Lahore where she reached. But two days before planned blast at Church , she anyhow contacted Pak army and requested for help. She said she was proud of Pak army.
Her father professor Abdul Jabbar told that because of lack of her training by parents she was using social media too much which landed her in hands of Daesh terrorists.


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