Illegal opening of the closed outfalls of Akram Canal causes ruin of crops of thousands acrs


Our Correspondent
BADIN: The irrigation officials have again opened the closed outfalls of Akram wah through alleged “given take” despite verdict of Supreme Court of closing all outfalls of Akram Wah as water be ensured to the small growers at tail end.

Due to illegal flow of the water in outfalls and water theft, the water provision of more than 50 canals have been made closed consequently crops cultivated on the thousands of acrs were smashed and lacs of the souls of the area were deprived of fresh drinking water.
According to the sources of irrigation department, more than 40 thousands acrs of Sukkur barrage were being cultivated illegally on the water of Akram Wah initially though the small pipes, later on openly by the influential for a long time when department was sought permission only for usage of six inches pipes for rehabilitation of the forest nursery only.
When irrigation sources told that a nationalist was also involved in the water theft and cultivating hundreds of acrs of Sukkur barrage by getting illegal water from Akram wah. Earlier the outfalls were made closed following the verdict of Supreme Court of Pakistan but the last night these after “given take” irrigation officials have allegedly moved all restrictions from Akram wah and opened the outfalls as illegally which caused to snatch water of lacs of the people of the areas and ruined the crops standing on thousands of the acrs.


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