Otaque Kacherhri was held at SAU Tando Jam


Bureau Report
HYDERABAD: A traditional otaque kachehri with folk music, folk crafts display and poetry attracted a large number of people, mostly women and youth on Tuesday late night at Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam.

Oataq means a place where community / villagers sit together in evening hours, discuss and share knowledge, moral values and show folk wisdom. It has been the integral part of Sindhi culture.
The colorful event aimed to promote the cultural traditions and sharing knowledge about the importance of heritage with technology changes and innovation among the youth through educational institutes, which can be a powerful tool for the development of culture.
Integrated Rural Awareness and Development Organization (IRADO ), Save Human Foundation (SHF) and Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam with the financial support of Culture Department, Government of Sindh organized the Otaque Kachehri at the Main Auditorium Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam.
Women artisans displayed their artwork for sale, which also inspired the participants to have a look at and see how the folk crafts are taking momentum with innovation and changes.
Minister culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Syed Sardar Ali Shah said that this cultural and art activism in Sindh seems like a conscious effort by progressive writers, literati, human rights and peace activists to own and reclaim creative cultural space by promoting and constructing the socially progressive, plural and secular Sindhi cultural identity.
The minister said the purpose of the event was to protect, promote and revival of the culture and art at Sindh and to creating opportunities for the local community artists for their better socio economic conditions.
He said globally, the conscious and contentious use of socially-engaged creative art and cultural expression become a strong means to reassert human freedom and progressive public space against conservative social forces.


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