Badin educational budget of the district needs to attention


Sawan Khaskheli
BADIN: The prevailing educational situation of district Badin and proper preparation of the educational budget of the district needs to attention of the higher authorities and elected representatives of the district Badin.

The reserved educational budget for district Badin couldn’t meet the educational basic necessities and requirements of the district Badin despite its heavy budget still 300 schools remained closed, 56% children were affirmed out of school when 67% schools still deprived of basic water facilities. More than 70% schools running without electricity and 46% schools haven’t functional toilet facilities and more than 55% schools run without protective boundaries, the expert report reveals. According to the educational budget of year 2016-17, Rs Rs.94, 027,000 specific budget for schools was allocated for 2676 primary and middle schools of district Badin which was break downed in categories as budget Rs. 7050,007 made reserved for the promotion of sports activities and budget Rs.23, 506,750 was allocated for school materials when Rs.4,850,764 was reserved for library and laboratories and Rs. 16,456,743 was fixed for co-curricular activities meanwhile amount of Rs. 18,655,986 was for stationary and budget Rs. 18,805,400 was reserved for furniture of schools of different levels of district Badin but despite the reserved budget yet most of government primary and middle schools in the entire district were deprived of such facilities like sports, library, laboratories.


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