Shah Rukh Khan loses his cool as Arabic show host plays prank on him


BOLLYWOOD: A prank video of Shah Rukh Khan dragging the host of an Arabic show by his leg and almost beating him up is going viral.
Shah Rukh Khan appeared on MBC’s Ramez Underground, an Arabic show where celebrities are invited but a prank is played on them while they are on their way to the show.

According to India Today, the pranks catch celebrities completely off guard (or not) and the result usually is entertaining to watch.

Khan was invited to the show and was pranked after his interview with the presenter Nishan got over. In the video, Khan can be seen in a desert jeep with the presenter and a woman. The driver loses control of the car and the car falls into a pit of quicksand – designed by the show makers as part of the prank.

All three of them fall inside the pit but Khan is the only one acting practically. The woman can be seen crying for help while Khan holds on to Nishan, who is neck-deep in the mess by now.

Between all of this, a giant Godzilla-like lizard can be seen walking to the pit. Khan maintains his composure while pacifying the woman – who is not doing a very good job at acting.

Turns out that the lizard is actually Ramez Galal, the host. When Galal takes off the mask and reveals himself, Khan is visibly infuriated. Khan, after getting out of the pit, drags Galal by the leg and threatens to beat him up.

According to the same India Today report, a whopping amount of INR 20 million was paid to Khan for participating in the prank.

Khan’s reaction and the whole prank in general seems forced but is entertaining to watch since he is such a good actor. This prank could be nothing but a promotional gimmick for the show as it is essentially a prank-based show and it is unlikely that Khan was not aware of what was eventually going to come his way.

It seems like the prank worked in favour of the makers, though.


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