Palijo leads hunger strike against Sindh govt for repealing nab application


Abbas Kassar
HYDERABAD: Ayaz Latif Palijo chairman of Qaumi Awami Tehrik led rally and hunger strike hereMonday against Sindh government for brining a bill in Sindh assembly aimed to repeal application of NAB law in province.

The protest was largely attended by party workers, students, women and members of civil society. Addressing the participants Ayaz Latif Palijo said the proposed bill was being presented in Sindh Assembly to save the ruling party ministers and Jialas involved in mass corruption. He said NAB activities in Sindh was only 30 percent which was also being opposed by PPP. He demanded NAB should carry its 100 percent activities in the province. He said PPP wants to end NAB activities in Sindh so that it can bring in its favourite officers in Anti corruption establishment to hoodwink people and let party ministers and Jialas to continue loot and plunder of national wealth. He said the only crime of IG Sindh was recruitment of 10,000 police force on merit without recommendations of ministers and advisors and did not allow Anwer Majeed to lift sugarcane from growers on force. He added that feudal Sindh government wants such IG who can help PPP to win forthcoming elections. He said PPP has water as another big weapon of corruption with anyone who would not support them water would be closed on him. He asked Nawaz Sharif as to why he has appointed Asif Zardari as their viceroy in Sindh considering the province as their colony. He demanded formation of JIT on corruption in Sindh and that why Sindh has been handed to present day’s don Asif Zardari. He demanded account of Rs.9 billions corruption in Sindh. He termed ban on setting up more sugar mills in Sindh as whole sugarcane can be given to sugar mills of Anwer Majeed front man of Zardari. He asked members of Sindh assembly not to support the bill repealing application of NAB and also asked civil society to rise up on protest against the bill. He made appeal to Supreme Court to take suo moto notice of attempt on part of Sindh government for presenting above bill.


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