Indus Consortium holds citizen assembly in Badin


Staff Reporter
BADIN: The district council Badin was a hub of the development initiatives of the district and we would reserve a sufficient budget in the yearly budget for the developments of remote areas of the district when coastal belt including Seerani, Bhugra Memon UCs are the focused meant to its development.

These views were expressed by Fida Hussain Mandhro, Member and representative of district Chairman, district council Badin on Wednesday, addressing the Bi-Annual Citizen Assembly organized by Indus Consortium in collaboration with USAID near Seerani town 18 km from Badin. A large number of participants women, men and youths hailing from different villages of Taluka Badin has participated the event.
Adding Mr. Fida Mandhro expressed that district council Badin would place a plan with consultation of its members for monitoring of the development work of the district departments and its key focus is to improve the water and sanitation conditions of the district as the easy access of the agri-water to the little growers and peasants be ensured.
Addressing the participants, he assured that all practicable initiatives would be taken for the development and facilitation of the common people of the area especially to small growers adding he applauded the efforts of Indus Consortium for their worthwhile efforts as joining their hands for the development of the remote area of district.
Expressing on the occasion, Abdul Ghafar Khoso, Deputy Director, Social Welfare Department maintained that old system of the Govt for access of the agri-water to the growers of the tail end is yet need to pay heed as it would be assured to fetch the water to small growers of the tail end of the district adding he praised the efforts of NGOs especially USAID for launching different projects amid to improve the water and sanitation condition of the district especially of the coastal belt.
Adding Mr. Asghar Chang, Chairman, UC Dodo Soomro observed that different projects of the USAID and Indus consortium have proved beneficial to the small growers of coastal belt. Mr. Chandio demands to launch such type community favorable projects in the area.


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