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Logo for Samsung’s Bixby AI assistant shows up in trademark filing

WASHINGTON, Feb 10: We first heard about Bixby back in December, with Samsung unintentionally confirming the AI assistant shortly after, and with today’s reveal of what could possibly be the logo, all that’s left is for the company to showcase it in action, possibly in March or April when the Galaxy S8 will be announced.

Samsung filed a trademark application on Feb 5 with the European Trade Mark and Design Network for Bixby’s logo. As you can see in the document (with application number 016343931) below, the logo resembles a ‘B’ as well as the numerical ’8′. The trademark application’s description closely matches to that of Bixby’s trademark application. So, it’s highly likely the logo is for Bixby, which is expected to debut with the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus.

AMD Ryzen release date, news: leaked reviews shows AMD chip better than Intel i7-6900K, i7-7700K

NEW YORK, Dec 26: AMD is keeping up with the tight competition among chipsets and graphics processing units (GPUs). After announcing their powerful Zen Chips, which is now called AMD Ryzen, it seems like there is a brewing competition with Intel’s upcoming Kaby Lake processor. Continue reading AMD Ryzen release date, news: leaked reviews shows AMD chip better than Intel i7-6900K, i7-7700K

Hundreds falling prey to cyber extortion in UAEv\

Sharjah, Nov 30: Hundreds of people are falling prey to cyber extortion every year in the UAE due to the increasing use of smart technology, law enforcement authorities in Sharjah said on Wednesday.

During a forum on ‘Risks of Cyber Extortion’, Sharjah Police warned citizens and residents against disclosing personal information and bank account numbers and being lured by misleading ads on the web.

A series of initiatives to prevent online extortion were discussed by police officers and representatives of government institutions at the forum.

“Smart technology is attracting increasing attention as more and more people [from different age groups] are falling victim to cyber extortion. This raises concerns among authorities, who are taking great efforts to curb [the illegal practice],” said Colonel Ebrahim Al Ajel, director of Criminal and Investigation Department of Sharjah Police.

Col Al Ajel pointed out that online patrols are working round the clock and detecting 18-20 cyber extortion crimes every month.

Other efforts by Sharjah Police to curb this menace include the launch of confidential services to help victims report cases, online patrols, and Najeed (toll-free number 800151). “These services and the awareness campaigns organised by police in schools, colleges and universities have played a great role in decreasing the number during the last two years.”

According to police investigations, blackmailers use various methods to get personal information and data from victims, Col Al Ajel said. These include communication through social media and extracting information from mobile phone shops (of those who have given their devices for repair).

The types of extortion include financial, sexual, ideological and emotional, he added. Most of the blackmailers are men, but there are also a few women, including the Arab women, Col Al Ajel said.

Dr Saud Al Khalid, from Dubai Police’s Criminal Investigation Department, talked of cyber blackmail risks and how it affects the security and stability of society. “The digital society is vast and has no limit and borders, so spreading of awareness is an efficient tool to curb the phenomenon.”

Dubai signs deal to evaluate world´s first hyperloop

DUBAI: Hyperloop One signed an agreement with Dubai on Tuesday to “evaluate” the building of the world´s first near-supersonic hyperloop transport system in the Gulf emirate.

“We are here today to sign a historic agreement with our partners from (the Dubai) Road and Transport Authority… and we begin to evaluate the delivery of the world´s first hyperloop system across the country,” the company´s CEO, Rob Lloyd, said.

“We will initially focus on the value that Hyperloop One will deliver in Dubai and across the (United Arab) Emirates,” he told reporters.

Lloyd did not provide further details or figures.

Hyperloop is a futuristic passenger and freight transportation system that its promoters say offers the promise of near supersonic speeds.

Earlier this year, Hyperloop One held a first public test in the desert outside Las Vegas, trying out engine components designed to rocket pods through reduced-pressure tubes at speeds of 1,125 kilometres (700 miles) per hour or more.

Last month, ports colossus DP World Group of Dubai announced it was investing in the concept, joining backers who already include the French national rail company SNCF, US industrial conglomerate General Electric and Russian state fund RDIF.

Huawei launches new smartphone having artificial intelligence

Huawei Technologies took the wraps of a new premium phone on Thursday, adding a new artificial intelligence feature it hopes will help it close the gap with Apple and market leader Samsung, which is reeling from scrapping its flagship phone.

The Mate 9 is aimed squarely at the top end of the $400 billion global smartphone market, where professional users are looking for fast phones with long battery life.

It includes a feature that enables the device to learn about the habits of its user and automatically put the most frequently used apps in easy reach – unlike, for example, Apple’s iPhone, where icons that may occupy many screens apart from the start screen have to be manually ordered.


“It learns how you use your phone,” said Arne Herkelmann, Huawei’s European head of handset portfolio and planning.

The launch comes just three weeks after Samsung scrapped its flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, dealing a huge blow to its reputation and outlook.

With smartphone sales growth expected to slow in the coming years, device manufacturers are focusing on new ways to stand out from the crowd.


“Just the device is no longer enough,” said Roberta Cozza, an analyst at research firm Gartner. “AI and voice control will be main features on smartphones in the coming years.”

Alphabet’s Google last month launched the Pixel smartphone which has Google Assistant, the company’s voice-activated artificial intelligence (AI) system and its answer to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

In another AI push, Samsung said last month it would buy Viv, which is run by the co-creator of Apple’s Siri and said it wanted to integrate the platform in its Galaxy smartphones and expand its voice-assistant services to home appliances and wearable technology devices.


The Mate 9, introduced in Munich, is a 5.9-inch (15 cm)large-screen handset that boasts cameras with autofocus, directional microphones with noise cancellation and an improved user interface.

The algorithm puts the user’s favorite apps first, which makes the phones easier to use and also more energy-efficient.

The phone’s battery lasts for almost two days of heavy usage and can fully recharge in 90 minutes, Huawei said.

Gartner expects smartphone sales to grow 4.5 percent to 1.5billion devices this year.