US law enforcers’ killing of woman, who shut down Congress, shrouded in mystery: Probe underway

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WASHINGTON/KARACHI, Oct 4: Mystery surrounds news of reportedly a woman, defying “stop” orders, hitting her car against barricades at White House, riding towards Congress building Capitol, being chased by dozens of American security and police cars firing at her, a later discovery of a child in the car, and contrasting reports of the woman being shot at, wounded or killed, after she got down from the car, a killing that could be an anti-US conspiracy to silence what the woman knew, analysts here believed.


The child was subsequently reported to be an year old and her gender was revealed to be a baby girl, named Erica. The name of the woman was not initially revealed by the American media, but later details indicated she was, as identified by two law enforcement officials,  34-year-old Miriam Carey, of Stamford, Connecticut.  Miriam’s mother said her daughter suffered a post-partum depression after giving birth to her baby girl. No satisfactory answers were made available to serious questions, after the questionable law enforcers killed the black Sedan infini car driving woman. It could be a bigger crime than can be imaginable right now. However, district of Columbia police chief, a woman named Cathy Lanier believed: “Officers acted heroically”!


SPECULATIONS, NOT NEWS: Speculations were that she was working in a bar opposite the government structures, knew some secrets about Congress shutting down Obama government, went past White House barricades, not breaking them, drove towards Capitol Hill causing a brief lockup and shutdown of the Congress building where she was chased by US law enforcers’ cars and shot down.  If she was unarmed, she could be arrested, after she got down her black color car. Another version of reports said she was unarmed and was shot down while she was inside her car. Why? The reason could baffle even anti-crime law enforcers in the United States.

ARE US LAW ENFORCERS CRIMINALS?: Can the state gunmen who thus killed her, debatably unnecessarily, be held accountable, put on trial in court on charges of ending the life of a woman, who could explain the entire case and its reasons, as the US security wanted to conceal facts Americans would have liked to know? At first, it was reported that the woman was armed and shooting and minutes later it was denied and revealed she may not have been armed, and was not shooting at any law enforcers.

A PATRIOTIC AMERICAN, FBI OR CIA AGENT HERSELF? Another speculation was that she was a patriotic American who simply wanted to extensively record her protest in her unique way against Congress which had shut down US government, as she started off brushing aside security from White House — where US President was enraged in a battle against Jewish controlled lawmakers —  and rode towards Congress. She could be a patriotic American, an undercover FBI or CIA agent, wrongly killed after she got down from her car, before she could identify herself and express her message, but was shot down by an anti-American security or police men, who may be really Israeli MOSSAD agents, many of them American nationals, the like of whom are in hundreds and thousands, infiltrating into US law enforcement system, accused to have adverse anti-US influence in the Congress, which had shut down US government. These are possibilities, which cannot now be known so easily and readily right now, after the woman was shot dead, and US or international media also did not immediately raise these apprehensions, until this report was prepared, and the coming days may see more stories emerging from world media. It’s certain that shooting the woman dead, if that’s what happened, the way it happened, was deadly wrong. An arrest and investigation at desired level and trial, if necessary, was much better.


Rescue personnel stand around a smashed US Capitol Police car following the shooting.

It was an unbelievably contradictory report Thursday on whether the driver was a man or woman! The Vooice of America quoted Frank Schwing, a furloughed federal worker, who watched the police stop the car, told VOA: “They stopped the car, opened the door. They had their guns drawn and asked him to get out. Quickly he backed up, he smashed into one of the police cars and spun around and took off again. The investigation is ongoing, but reports say a woman in a car rammed a security gate at the White House, and then drove to the U.S. Capitol with police pursuing her.  

Capitol Hill Police Chief Kim Dine says the White House and the Capitol are secure. ”We have no information that this is related to terror or is anything other than an isolated incident,” said Dine.

The VOA reported Thursday yesterday, without any update until today Friday afternoon, Pakistan Standard Time, that the woman was shot down when she was inside her car:

Washington Police Chief Cathy Lanier told reporters the woman died after police fired into her vehicle. Lanier said shots were fired in at least two locations during the confrontation, which took place on Thursday afternoon.

The U.S. Capitol was put under a brief security lockdown as the situation unfolded, but there never was a threat to lawmakers inside the building.


The woman car driver Miriam Carey’s mother, Idella Carey, told that her daughter began suffering from post-partum depression after giving birth to her daughter, Erica, last August.  ”A few months later, she got sick. She was depressed. … She was hospitalized.”

Idella Carey said her daughter had “no history of violence” and she didn’t know why she was in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. She said she thought Carey was taking Erica to a doctor’s appointment in Connecticut.

Miriam Carey was a dental hygienist. Her boss, Dr. Steven Oken, described Carey as a person who was “always happy.” I would never in a million years believe that she would do something like this,” he said. “It’s the furthest thing from anything I would think she would do, especially with her child in the car. I am floored that it would be her.”


An investigation is under way. Police and the FBI quickly sealed off and searched a house in Stamford, Connecticut, believed to be the woman’s home, officials said.

The shooting happened two weeks after 12 people were killed and three injured in a shooting at the nearby Washington Navy Yard.

Although the reason for Thursday’s incident is unclear, police said it was neither an act of terrorism nor an accident.

District of Colombia police chief Cathy Lanier believed: “Officers acted heroically”!


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