Labor Party will win Federal Election in Australia: Bob Hawke


By SJA Jafri (Bureau Chief Australia)

CANBERRA: Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke is reportedly confident Labor will win the upcoming Federal Election but doesn’t think he’ll be around to see it happen because of his poor health.

The former Labor leader said his health had been “terrible” and that he’s “had his time”, News Corp Australia reported yesterday.

When the 89-year-old was asked what his plans were for the New Year, he said: “I’ve had my time, just stick around for a little while”.

Speaking at Queensland’s Woodford Folk Festival – which he has attended for 10 consecutive years – Hawke said he thought this would be his last one. But, he’s confident Labor will win in the federal election.

“I think he’ll (Opposition Leader Bill Shorten) do well.” “I think they’ll (Labor) do pretty well (in Queensland),” he said.

Hawke was earlier this year rushed to Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital after a case of “the wobbles”.

He served as Australia’s 23rd Prime Minister from 1983-1991 and led Labor to four consecutive election victories.


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